In my current role on the US Power and Gas Proprietary Trading desk, I’m responsible for supporting the traders. I give them easy access to the information they need to make the right judgements on market moves. I create tools that enable easy market analysis (using Tableau/Excel) and communicate analysis to traders. The most enjoyable part of my day-to-day work is participating in discussions about trading strategies.

People here are smart and knowledgeable, and eager to share that knowledge. There is a relaxed atmosphere, and lots of open dialogue among the whole team. As a graduate, you are encouraged to contribute from day one.


By working across various teams on rotation, you learn different systems and approaches to analysis. It’s really interesting to see how different teams think about the same topics. You also get to know people across the business and understand more about company activity and structure.
I hope that when I finish the Graduate Programme, I’ll be given the opportunity to stay on and get a job in a commercial role. We need more women in these jobs.

I’d advise prospective applicants to learn some basic programming concepts; you don’t have to be a programming mastermind, but basic knowledge comes in handy. And to definitely try a commercial office role for your second rotation.

“I found London to be a bit more competitive and upbeat. Essen is more relaxed. Across locations, people are straightforward and very smart.”